Dear Friends

We welcome you among the owners of the Healing-Lyras!

WP 20141226 004 WP 20141108 040These lyres are purely hand-made: their "protective skin" contains propolis.

The instruments' wood breathes on – depending on the season, summer or winter, wet or dry.

Please watch your style of playing and adjust your hand position to achieve the best possible sound quality.

Some profound basic knowledge is needed to play the instrument – especially if you wish to play it for therapeutic purposes.
This basic knowledge may and should be learned in our seminars "Curative Sounds" in Japan (in English and Japanese) or in Europe:

"Heilende Klänge"! Playing together, from serious to cheerful, is always part of the programme!
As we cannot assume liability for improper use, we have introduced the rule that our training seminars and
meetings should be attended! Of course, this rule is non-obligatory and applies differently
to persons having professional experience as therapists.



All instruments are carved by hand.