My Working Place

Tree Care, Sound and Lyre building

Eiche-Kent Werkstatt in Bad DuerrheimTo create any music instrument begins with the surrounding landscape.
How, where and when do the trees have to be planted, cared for, felled and watered, so as to meet the expectations of future instrument makers? The "Great Book" recording our ancestors' entire wisdom about nature is nature itself – the landscape we have shaped, and it is the greatest book on earth.
My Tree Tending and Tree Care workshops will teach you the basics of forest and fruit-bearing tree tending, and how to read the secrets out of the "Great Book" of nature.

The main products used in my daily lyre building work are the fine hand-carved wooden chips, which are burned to light ashes and enriched with minerals. This mixture (preparation) is stirred by hand and will support the growth of fine roots in gardens, fields, woods and meadows.