The Sound Secret of the “Healing Lyres“

eschenholzMy seven healing lyres such as: Tao, Stella, Lana, Gaia, Solfeggio (Piccolo and Piccolino), Dolphin and Star Seed can be played the best in a horizontal position

Now, what is their secret?

The seven healing lyres were specially built to transfer the sound vibrating in the wooden body to the human body (this of course, will also apply to animals or trees)

High strings usually do not vibrate long enough to "arrive" in the water of our body as a resonant vibration. However, there is a physical trick: Just like a circus acrobat who can jump onto a running horse, high tones can also "jump" onto the long, big resonant waves of the deep tones!

Sound-Phenomenon-with-the-Tao-LyraExperience this phenomenon: Press your forehead against the Tao lyre (which is in an upright position) and play a high-pitched tone: you will hear, but not feel it. Now play a deep tone: you will hear it and, in addition, you will feel a strong vibration.
Now the secret: If you strongly play a low string and immediately afterwards the high string as mentioned above, you will feel a strong vibration both when touching the low string and touching the second, high string. Thus, the high tone has "jumped" onto the low resonant wave!