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The Secret of  Star Seed and Tao-Lyra: Sound - Silence - Sleep

The vibration inside the wood of  a Tao-Lyra will last as long as any deep string is vibrating. All classic instruments like the violin, guitar, cembalo etc, have no such vibrations at all. You can see the movement of the deep strings clearly with your eyes.
By touching the wooden instrument the sound waves will go into our body fluid. The human body mostly consists of water (80 %). Millions of our cells will "hear" these sound waves. In this case we hear double at same time: with our ears and with our body fluid. Medical observations make clear that the influence of the sound waves help re-set the daily stress mode into the resting and sleeping mode. Some German hospitals have already been using the sound of Tao-Lyra instead of sleeping pills. ( Filderklinik  in area of Stuttgart, Havelhoe in Berlin).
The playing time can be 5 to 9 minutes or even longer. An overdose from beautiful sound is not possible!.
In addition the vibration of all cells can change and depending on the amount of electric smog, the harmonic Tao-vibration can stay for 4 to 8 hours!
Such harmony in the cells supports a higher level of metabolism and can stimulate the immune system.


Fundraising; Let's Make a Big Circle!

Already 175 orders for Star Seed or Tao-Lyra would be enough to keep the hand  working part for ever. At same time the total sum for both instrument which is 3,200 € at the moment can become  less up to 2,261 €
If all order-people will send a "fundraising sum" of about 250 € in advance, the organization can be changed to reduce the final price like above!
Finally with your help many more families can become owner of  such sound - silence - sleep - instrument!
Your advanced payed fundraising sum will of course be deducted from the new endsum of 2,261 € as soon as you will receive the invoice for your finished ordered Instrument.
Transfer including purpose of use: Fundraising Tao campaign.
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Please add first name and family name and the instrument: Star Seed-Lyra or Tao-Lyra.
In addition we expect to receive an  Email from you with address and phone number.
For questions you can contact me via Email or phone, info at: (English version) in the blue area downwards.
1) New: These instruments can be rented for 3 weeks (75 €). We require a security deposit of 625 €. This deposit is 100% refundable upon return.
2) Payment by installments is also possible; about 150 € a month for 15 months.