Workshops - Lyre building

4-Okt1These seminars allow you to build your own instrument (e.g. the Tao lyre) under expert guidance. The seminar duration is five days, including a comprehensive introduction into the basic handling steps. 
Workpieces are made of European cherry-wood or mountain maple wood.

An old saying is my motto: "Make sure to have good tools – and half the job is done."

Workshops - Tree Tending and Care

2-Teil-1Part 1

The importance of trees (forests) for our earth

Why do trees need care?
Tending forests and tending fruit-bearing trees – a great difference!

The essential basics of Tree Tending

The ecosystem and its cross-linkage to human awareness

Workshops – Curative Sounds

wolken klaengeHow do I create a sound, music, or composition that is free from old (dogmatic) and deadlocked ideas?